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Italian design kitchens in six weeks!

Stylish Italian design kitchens from Veneta Cucine in your new home in just six weeks! A broad selection of quality facade material, including the new favourite of designers – elegant matte glass. The worktop is made from natural stone, pressed stone or high pressure laminate.

Attractive prices – ask for a quote and see for yourself!

Interior architecture

We believe that interior architecture should be unique and one of a kind, just like the person who uses that space. By carefully studying the customer’s desires, preferences and opportunities, we come up with the perfect solution.

We work with different styles and can come up with several alternative solutions for every project, allowing you to pick the best one.

Stylish design elements from our design studio

Based on our long-term cooperation with different manufacturers from Europe and Estonia, we can stand behind the quality of the furniture we order, the uniqueness of our design solutions and the reasonable price level of the furnishing.

Come see exciting products in our design studio.

Our interior architects

Our goal is to make your life easier and help you save the time, energy and money it takes to design and decorate your dream home.

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D-sign home decor
and interior design studio

Address: Narva mnt 63/2, West
Email: info(at)d-sign.ee
Phone: +372 6557760
Opening hours: M-F 09-18 / S 10-16

Dina Gontsharova
Interior architect, engineering projects management
+372 5222 231

Jekaterina Tumorin

Interior design and media

+372 655 7727

Katrin Reili

Kitchen furniture and wardrobe design

+372 655 7760

Olesja Snitsar
(at maternity leave)
Interior architect